User Experience (UX) can’t be under-estimated when we consider long-term success goals. It is directly associated with the emotional aspects of a User Interface (UI), what users feel about it, their responses and perceptions towards it, etc. UX mostly refers to, but not limited to, a website or mobile app UI design. If UX strategy has been applied correctly it can produce tremendous results and advantage over your competitors.

Whether it is the design for a website or a mobile application, we take care of all important UX factors which are content, usability, accessibility, functionality, navigation and site architecture.

Our Expert UX Strategists take care of these steps for the success of a UI design.

  • System Analysis
  • User Research & Understanding
  • Context of Use
  • Strategy Building

Appearance directly impacts user experience and here comes the User Interface (UI). Whether it is a website or complex web-based UI like dashboards or mobile application, it is easy interaction with the system that guarantees a permanent customer. In UX part we do the intangible strategy and in UI part we actually organize the tangible elements to build up the look and flow.

To cope with the sophisticated behavior of users towards explosive social media and rapidly growing smart devices, it is inevitable to carefully design UI. This is the only way to create significance and credibility.  We use latest UI design techniques to give optimum usability.

Our Expert Web Architects – UI Designers come up with:

  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • Workflow Models
  • Site Map

We not only take care of the importance of UI/UX in our projects but also help already built websites and applications to do even better with our optimization services. If you have not checked the performance of your website in years then this is the time. Web trends and respective user behavior is changing day by day so we have to keep up with the updates to sustain our significance.

Sometimes small changes on your website (color, headlines, buttons or layouts) may cause a visible increase in conversion rate. We are going through these particular processes individually to produce best results.

  • Usability Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Layout Optimization (Mobiles & Tablets)
  • Advanced Optimization
  • Intuitive Reporting


  • Research & Analysis

  • Design Strategy

  • Wireframes

  • Interactive Prototypes

  • Heuristic Evaluation

  • Performance Optimization



Case Study

This is “first of its kind” social network made for fun-lovers. Purpose of this website was to invite super activity from young people regarding their nightlife and other fun experiences so its UI/UX Strategy was critically important. We had to make it stand out with significance in the age of facebook, foursquare and other social networks popular today.

We started from basic paper work i-e sketches and then transformed them into digital wireframes. Carefully designed UX Strategy with the help of wireframes made it possible to create a beautiful and effective UI for users.

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